NO more fuel at Mafikeng Airport!


It has been a very frustrating couple of years since this issue started in September, 2015.

Do not expect to find any AVGAS or JET A1 fuel at the Mafikeng Airport. You will simply get stranded - like the rest of us, because MAMCO cannot keep to their promises.

General flying and fun events, like our Brekfis Runs, towards the Mafikeng Flying Club (BPFC) at the airport, are not welcome anymore. A very sad situation indeed.

Due to another issue, namely security rules, the BPFC had to close it's doors in the meantime.

A CRASH is under investigation!


The bad news of the past +- 1 and a half years for the Mafikeng Flying Club and for all visiting General Aviation aircraft (GA) especially to the Mafikeng Airport, is about to change soon back to normal operations.

At the meeting on January 23, 2017 with the Group CEO of Roucomm Systems, Mr Tshepiso Letselela said that the possibility is good to have Avgas available as from February 6, 2017.

The flying club members has been invited by the CEO to restart and organize GA-flying activities (Safety meetings, open days with fly-ins, Air shows, etc.).

The Mafikeng Flying Club (BPFC) management still apologizes for any inconvenience caused, but is positive to sort this "crash" out shortly.

closed down fuel
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