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Please stay away from Mafikeng Airport!
There is still NO fuel available after 8 years!!!
Date: 07 June 2022

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It is June 2022, 7 years later and still no AVGAS or Jet Fuel available since August 2015.

It is so frustrating to turn down pilot requests from out the whole South Africa for AVGAS at Mafikeng airport.

Do not expect to find any AVGAS or JET A1 fuel at the Mafikeng Airport. You will simply get stranded.

General flying and fun events, like our Brekfis Runs, towards the Mafikeng Flying Club (BPFC) at the airport, are not welcome anymore. A very sad situation indeed.

Security rules at Mafikeng airport is at present (2022), still not 'friendly'. We the existing club members are treated as if we are bad people. We are not even allowed to cut the grass around the hangar and clubhouse to eliminate fire hazards.

A CRASH is under investigation!

2015 - 2022

The few remaining BPFC members (so less due to the much unfriendly safety regulations at the Mahikeng Airport), try their best to motivate the airport safety management to co-operate with the flying club, to bring back GA (General Aviation) to this beautiful airport, down to the people. All our efforts are for the many CHILDREN around Mahikeng, who will be our future JUMBO pilots, to pilot the existing Mahikeng Airport personnel.

We, at BPFC, will launch this year (2022) a new pursuit to get GA (General Aviation) flying again at Mafikeng airport.

closed down fuel
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