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Beauchamp Proctor Flying Club in Mafikeng takes its name from Captain Andrew Weatherby Beauchamp-Proctor, a 5'2" (157,48 cm) tall South African First World War flying ace, highly decorated and the recipient of the Victoria Cross, the Distinguished Service Order, the Military Cross and bar, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He was South Africa's highest scoring WWI ace.

Andrew was the son of the headmaster of one of the Mafikeng schools. When war broke out, he abandoned his studies in engineering at Cape Town University, enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps and joined the newly formed 84 Squadron.

He survived WW1 and was killed after the war in a flying training accident in preparation for an air show. Performing a slow loop, it is believed that the cushion he placed behind for him to reach the rudder pedals, slipped out at the top of the loop, he lost rudder control and went into a vicious spin.

He was buried first in England, but was later exhumed, and was re-buried in the Mafikeng cemetery with full state honors. His gravestone is adorned by brass spread eagle, bearing the inscription 'on eagle wings I do thee bear', which is the insignia of our club.

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